Psychic Police Training

Paranormal Investigation, Entity Removal, Exorcism, Martial Arts, Psychic Enhancement Training, Spell and Curse Removal, Prayer Work.

Psychic Police training is conducted at our school, Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics, located in Westbrook, Maine and covers a wide variety of disciplines.

If you are interested in Psychic Police Training, we have a number of options available. Whether you are able to attend regular classes at our school, or you live far away and must rely on phone and internet, you can still benefit from training.

If you think you may be interested in Psychic Police training, please contact us to set up an appointment to speak with Ahura Z directly (we do not give out information via email).

We offer training for individuals and also for law enforcement professionals interested in learning how to deal with paranormal experiences.

As with all our classes through Unicorn Cove, Psychic Police Training is offered strictly by donation